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Die celler brunnenbau holding gmbh agiert weltweit mitten aus dem traditionellen Zentrum deutscher Bohrtechnologie heraus, aus Niedersachsen. Das 1975 von Wilfried Wietfeldt gegründete Unternehmen wird heute von seinem Sohn, Dirk Wietfeldt, geführt. Damit ist gesichert, dass der gute Ruf, exzellentes Know-how verbunden mit Geradlinigkeit, bestehen bleibt. Die Tochtergesellschaften unter dem Dach der celler brunnenbau holding gmbh sind weltweit auf verschiedenen Geschäftsfeldern tätig.

On March 1, 1975, Wietfeldt established Celler Brunnenbau GmbH. Its first officially registered address was Fischerstraße 4 in Celle.

Finding a name for the new enterprise proved to be more cumbersome than the founders, well construction engineer Wilfried Wietfeldt and his partner Bodo Bieberneit had anticipated because the Celle Chamber of Commerce and Industry had a problem with letting an establishing service company have the name of the town it was being established in.

But in the end, the founders' resolution and perseverance succeeded. As of March 1975, the new company was able to act as Celler Brunnenbau GmbH when accepting and filling first orders for seismic drilling, exploratory drilling including geophysical surveys as well as for the construction of groundwater survey stations, process water wells and drinking fountains.

Both the straightforward work of Wilfried Wietfeldt and Bodo Bieberneit and the first employees' willingness to work "night and day" for the evolving enterprise established the good reputation of Celler Brunnenbau GmbH. Not to forget the skills and abilities of the workforce which warranted and is still warranting that all drillings are performed at excellent quality.

It took but a little while before the expanding enterprise outgrew the Fischerstraße premises. Management therefore decided to move the company to Triftweg in nearby Wathlingen.

Overseas activities first of all focussed on geophysical surveys and seismic drillings mainly performed in Turkey. Whenever demanding drilling challenges are at hand, Celler Brunnenbau proved and proves to be a reliable partner. Where scheduled dates demand extremely short execution times or projects were or are too big for a company to chew, Celler Brunnenbau has always been a predictable working partner and still is it to this day.

The company has particularly excelled in the field of "technical drilling investigations" of contaminated sites. In order to examine highly toxic abandoned waste, both drilling methods and measurements have been modified, drilling gear and accessories designed and, particularly, health and safety at work improved to give the best of protection to the persons working on-site.

When, in the second half of the 80s, the company again faced the need to move to a bigger location and when this proved to be impossible in Wathlingen, the proprietors Wietfeldt and Bieberneit "surrendered" to an offer made by the town of Celle to move its operations to the new industrial estate at Bruchkampweg in Celle. This was in 1987 and 1988. Since 1988, Celler Brunnenbau has been working at its new place of business and lives up to its name as one of the big companies of Celle.

With its continuously growing fleet of drilling rigs and gear, the company has managed to successfully drill core holes down to a depth of 1200m. In order to steady the future of the company's very promising development, affiliates and branch offices have since been established in various German regions.

At the end of the nineties, the need for well construction degraded somewhat in Germany and led to the decision to expand the company's overseas activities. This decision was also made with a view to securing the jobs in Germany. Operational activities are focussed on the African countries as well as on the Middle and Far East.

However, the unique opportunities provided by the EU's expansion to the east are actively sought after. This may be exemplified by the latest affiliate start-up, celler brunnenbau romania, established in Bucharest.